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Moisture is the enemy in all building construction. FrameVent®'s finger design creates air flow gaps between building material surfaces allowing moisture to be carried away from critical areas of construction while easily transferring loads and fastener engagement.


how does this work

This is a simple solution with intelligent function. The fingers create a structure of support bearing the surface material placed over them while maintaining about 65% surface contact. The gaps between the fingers allow air to move from one side of the FrameVent® to the other. This principle of air movement from side to side, space to space, becomes the transport mechanism, releasing possible entrapped moisture. More airflow means less collected moisture over time. Less collected moisture means extended life of building materials.




building application integrations

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Deck Joist Framing

The FV1 FrameVent® advances joist tape protection to a new level. The FV1 not only caps the joist top with a covering and a butyl adhesive, which makes fast placement and is self-sealing, but it also protects the bottom of the decking by eliminating the normal entrapped moisture. Decking is raised 1/4" on the FV fingers allowing water to dry away. Faster installation. Better protection.

Siding Cavity Sheating

The FV2 FrameVent® has no butyl and is the fast path to creating a separation gap between building sheeting and final siding. Some regional geographies/climates find that an air gap is beneficial. With the FV2, air can flow bi-directionally due to the finger gap separation. Its locking arms makes a fast install of a 1-1/2" x 1/4" x 4'+ stick with a quick tap of the nail gun. 

Roofing Cavity Rafters

The FV2 FrameVent® can also be used on roof rafters in conditions requiring a small cavity between insulated rafter cavities and sheeting or other roofing material supports. Lock the 16" strips into 8' sticks and slide into position.The FV2 can be double stacked to create a wider 1/2" gap and simply attaches with a staple through the plastic material at the two empty pin areas.



FrameVent® for deck joist framing



FrameVent® for siding and roof



An out-of-the-box solution requiring no problem solving, technical skill or complex handling techniques.


Glass filled plastic with a structural load design that supports handling, installation, and dead and live loads.


Priced comparable to products used in similar categories as a micro add cost for more durable surface materials.


Building with American made products supports continued American creativity and economic opportunity. 




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FrameVent® is 100% Made In USA


All information is suggested design use based on common knowledge of material performance, general building practices and air flow conditions. FrameVent®, ODF Inc. nor any reseller makes any warranty claims regarding the performance of FrameVent® for the applications in which this product may be used by the end user and it's direct impact on associated building materials.


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